Provide your password to a live tech support person?

I’ve never seen anything like this, but Justhost, yeah, the hosting company I’ve been using for many years, recently requires to provide the last 4 characters of your password to a live chat tech support person, in plain text. Otherwise, they would refuse to provide any tech support. I normally don’t use any tech support […]

New Build Tool Problem

There are more and more build tools that, not only get extremely complicated, but actually combine download dependencies and building code together. And this philosophy seems to spread all over the place, to many many different programming languages. This includes tools like maven, rebar, sbt, etc. It’s great that it tries to solve the dependency […]

Porto Venere, Italy

Ubuntu seems to get worse at every release

At every release upgrade of Ubuntu, I seem to get into more and more issues, even with the most basic ones. Once upon a time, Ubuntu was the smoothest of all Linux distros. But in the last two years, that was not the case anymore. After every upgrade, I always need to sit down for […]

Don’t travel if you don’t want to adapt yourself to the new environment

Not only do I like to travel to visit different places, I also like to live in different countries for a while, and experience a different life style, get a deeper understanding of a different culture, get a broader view of the world, etc. Whatever the reason is, the ultimate goal is to experience changes. […]

Top ten critical success factors in software project

Having worked in the software industry for almost 20 years now, I don’t count myself to be the smartest or most skilled in the trade, but I always had a lot of opportunities to work among the brightest and talented people. And unfortunately, I had also worked with idiots and jerks. I had the opportunities […]

Programmers should not be allowed to call themselves engineers

There is one thing the Canadian government has done right, at least in the field of computer programming, is banning computer programmers to call themselves engineers. In Canada, engineers must be certified. And if you are not certified, regardless of your qualification, you are not an engineer. Normally, I’m not for more government involvement as […]

Baidu is really dirty

Baidu, the giant company with a firm monopolistic grip on the search engine market in China, is playing dirty with us. Our new cloud storage startup was registered in 2011, along with the trademarks Yunio and 云诺. We released our first version in November last year, and although we have received rave reviews, we felt […]

Yunio 2.0 is finally released

After many many (too many!!!) months of hard work, the cloud storage Yunio 2.0 is finally released this week. A big applause for the whole team, and many thanks for sticking together during all this time. We had our lows and highs, but we finally achieved the major milestone. The only regrets are that there […]

I figured I don’t know much about Windows anymore

I haven’t used Windows for quite a long time, the last versions I’ve installed were XP and 2003 server, although I still keep a VM of Windows XP around, just in case I need to do something. Today, someone has asked me for help with his machine, with Windows 7 installed. Since I’m the computer […]

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